Leverage your business using the full range of data analytics!

We accompany your journey from ideation to deployment—all iterative, risk-aware, and business-value-oriented. Our deep scientific roots give you access to state-of-the-art analysis, prediction, and optimization.

Our promise: we take you from data to insights, and from insights to actions.


To all Roles in the Data-Driven Company
We have value propositions for most roles in the data-driven company: from decision makers and sponsors, to project and product managers, right up to data scientists and researchers.


Enablers over the Analytics Project Lifecycle
We offer services that cover the full analytics project lifecycle: from ideation all the way to deployment and evaluation, explicitly addressing the fact that data typically reveals its secrets only piece by piece.

At TSUMCOR Research, we actively live the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia. Through us, our clients can benefit from the most promising technological developments in research, and obtain analysis with scientific rigor.

Dr. Gregor Reich
Founder and Senior Consultant


The Full Range of Data Analytics​
Our expertise includes predictive analytics, (causal) inference as well as prescriptive methods–where insights truly become actions.


The People behind TSUMCOR Research
With the knowledge and experience of our team, we can boost the success your data analytics endeavor!


To all Roles in the Data-Driven Company

Decision makers and sponsors
We support decision makers and sponsors in leveraging their companies through data-driven transformation.
We support decision makers and sponsors in leveraging their companies through data-driven transformation. Our input to planning and implementation is strictly driven by business value creation and risk-awareness. We assist in promoting new ideas and approaches to customers, top management, or regulators, and in systematically evaluating the realized value of projects and campaigns. As external experts, we mitigate issues of limited—and potentially biased—information, independently assessing the potential and the risks of ideas and project plans; we analyse the methodological rigour of existing implementations, and give directions for improvement.
Project and product managers
We flexibly extend the team for hands-on implementation work, and our Academy is ready to boost in-house expertise.
Project and product managers can have enormous impact, and we are happy to assist in making it happen:  We advise in exploring opportunities, managing outcome uncertainty, and finding the shortest path from proof-of-concept to deployment. We address expectations and concerns by the management, through effective and credible communication of potential business impact, and by giving rigorous evidence of value creation for the company. We moderate communication with the team, bridging between managerial and technical issues. We flexibly extend the team for hands-on implementation work, and our Academy is ready to boost in-house expertise.
Data scientists and researchers
Data scientists and researchers—that's what we are, too, at the bottom of our hearts!
Data scientists and researchers—that's what we are, too, at the bottom of our hearts! We complement the team in various roles and functions, "getting our hands dirty" in research and implementation work. We serve as sparring partners, critically assessing ideas and implementation designs; and we develop insights for improvement and alternative approaches. We contribute expertise through tailored trainings and ad-hoc consulting, to address the challenges of a quickly developing field. We help to demonstrate to managers or customers the effectiveness of the employed methodologies, and we provide meaningful reporting and documentation input.


Enablers throughout the Analytics Project Lifecycle

Together with the client, we explore the opportunities offered by rigorous, state-of-the-art analytics–applied in the context of their business. We guide their evaluation of the available methods and implementations. Based on our assessment of their data lake and infrastructure, we return a profound verdict of feasibility and prospects.
Complementing the team of the client, we „get our hands dirty“: rapid prototyping, iterative development of models and implementation designs, setup of data integrations and computational environments—all the ground work to make an analytics project fly… Rigorous testing and realistic evaluation goes without saying for us.
We serve as external experts, providing independent assessment and rigorous feedback of planned or operational methodologies and implementations. We offer suggestions for improvement, and evaluate proposals with regard to technical and economical criteria. We deliver ad-hoc reports, and serve on advisory boards for continuous supervision.
Project Management & Supervision
Being dedicated to an iterative, risk-driven approach to analytics and data science projects, we offer operational project management as well as expert supervision in steering committees and advisory boards. We aim at early resolution of uncertainty, continuous delivery of business value, and responsible use of resources.
For efficient resource allocation and sophisticated investment decisions, we support the client in rigorously measuring the effects of treatments, campaigns, or projects. We integrate our knowledge of experimental design, optimisation, and causal inference, to maximise insight while minimising impact of experimentation on business.


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience! Our Academy covers a wide range of topics, provides rich materials, and offers various forms of presentation and engagement–tailored to the individual needs and the proficiency of the client. We rely on a large network of internationally renowned specialists from industry and academia.


The Full Range of Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Explore the data using summary 
statistics, figures, or interactive widgets:

"How does the data look like (quite literally)?“
"What 'hidden' factors drive consumer choices?“

The starting point of almost every analytics 
project. Part of any data scientist’s toolbox.

Diagnostic Analytics (Inference)

Answer qualitative questions; quantify the size of an effect:

"Did a marketing campaign improve sales?“
"What 'hidden' factors drive consumer choices?“

Employs innovative tools from experimental design, causal inference, and high-dimensional data analysis. Besides serving our clients, we actively do academic research in this field.

Predictive Analytics

Develop models to predict outcomes; "mine" the data for patterns:

"What products are frequently bought together?“
"How likely will a customer cancel his/her subscription?"

The most popular application of machine learning in analytics. Our teaching at the university level forces us to stay up-to-date—to the benefit of our clients.

Prescriptive Analytics

Derive a policy that maps data to optimal actions:

"When to initiate a machine repair so as to minimize maintenance and break-down costs?“
"How to target customers over 
time so as to maximize profits from sales?“

Combines methods from operations research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We develop our own products based on prescriptive technologies.


The People behind TSUMCOR Research

Dr. Gregor Reich

With a PhD in quantitative economics, Gregor is an expert in developing and applying statistical methods in business contexts. He implements analytics projects for companies from various industries, starting from opportunity screening all the way to outcome evaluation. His experience as product owner enables him to manage projects with a disciplined focus on value creation and early resolution of uncertainty.
A former professor of quantitative marketing, Gregor actively conducts research in the field of data analytics and its applications, publishing in leading academic journals. He holds consulting appointments with academic research groups at top-tier universities, and serves on scientific advisory boards.

Markus Kreher

Graduated in computer science, Markus is a certified Scrum-Master and Product Owner. He focuses on the management and the technical design of digitalisation and automation projects. He uses his extensive experience in applying technology to support new business processes, empowering businesses that act in an environment driven by both extreme competition and fast digital transformation.
Typically, such projects inhibit substantial uncertainty, and are therefore subject to continuous technological and organisational change. Hence, Markus applies agile methodologies and Lean-Startup principles—all to quickly deliver results and generate insights for the steps to be taken next.